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Nomal water curtain cabinet

Working principle of Dust Free Painting Room ( YT Throttling mode)

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Paint room air supply: Painting room to maintain positive pressure, natural air from the

environmental protection air conditioning traction through the primary filtering cotton filter into the air chamber, YT throttling mode. After the air chamber is silenced, and then filtered evenly into the paint spraying area through the high-efficiency three-dimensional all-rubber cotton with the filtering accuracy 1-5UM, the air inlet smallpox in the surface oil room is supported by the all-stainless steel frame, and the whole painting room is filled with the whole spray paint room, so as to achieve no dead angle in an all-round way. Paint fog does not rotate in the room, paint clean no particles.


Fog dust treatment spray: use income type water curtain design, use the water mist

produced by the air duct spraying behind the water curtain plate to increase the contact area between paint fog, dust and water, and collide with each other. It is intercepted and absorbed in materials that can increase the contact area of the gas and liquid and washed into the pool or sink below to achieve the purpose of purifying the paint fog dust and purifying the exhaust pipes and fan blades.


Drying room ventilation:The fresh air is filtered through three times of primary, medium

and high efficiency filtering, and is evenly pressed down through the full gum high efficiency filter cotton supported by stainless steel structure material. The harmful gas in the drying room is discharged after entering the paint spraying room through the door of the drying room to the paint spraying room.(The wind pressure of a sun drying room is a full pressure and slightly larger than the wind pressure of the spray room).


Waste gas treatment:Spray room exhaust gas with a spray special centrifugal fan to

achieve spray to the outdoor exhaust gas washing tower, the use of waste gas cleaning

tower spray and purification by dehydration device to increase the dust through the paint exhaust gas contact time and area, Phase collision, was intercepted and washed into the waste gas scrubber pool and absorbed in the purification treatment materials, after the activated carbon adsorption layer filtration adsorption treatment to meet the standards of discharge.

Standard GB1444"Safety Specification for painting operation - Safety Technical

Specification for spray paint room"Relevant regulations, manual painting, large paint indoor

ventilation control wind speed range, effective wind speed control 0.38-0.67 m / s.

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