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  • Integrated pulse dust removal equipment

    Integrated pulse dust removal equipment

    Schematic diagram of working principle of dust removal system Scope of application YT-M series pulse bag filter type central precipitator was used dust-containing gas in room temperature, low temperature, low corrosive, through the filter bag upgrade and optimization and addition of supporting equipment , such as: the flue gas of coal-fired boiler and waste incineration etc. Widely used in: Furniture, electronics, printing, hardware, medical and other industries.   Working princip...

  • Wet grinding dust removal cabinet

    Wet grinding dust removal cabinet

    The spray grinding room is designed with brick and colored steel plate and YT patent dehydration system, and the negative pressure fan vacuums through the dehydration plate device. The top is sprayed down continuously to increase the contact area between dust and ice mist and collide with each other. It is intercepted and pressed into the pool below to purify dust.. 1. Adopting the way of negative pressure whole air exchange in the workshop, using the large air volume fan to make the dust o...

  • Dry grinding dust removal cabinet

    Dry grinding dust removal cabinet

    The dry grinding room adopts a negative pressure design, which allows dust and gas to enter the lower box through the air inlet and filter through the filter cartridge. Due to the various effects of the filter cartridge, the dust and gas are separated. Dust is adsorbed on the filter cartridge, and the gas passes through the filter cartridge and enters the upper box from the vent tube. The purified air can be directly discharged through the return air port of the dust collector to compl...

  • Waste gas treatment equipment cyclone spray tower

    Waste gas treatment equipment cyclone spray tower

    During the operation of the equipment, the paint mist enters into the high- speed cyclone guide device under the influence of the negative pressure fan’s traction force, and the paint mist, cyclone and water conduct the gas-liquid emulsion reaction in the high-speed rotation. The high- speed operation of the pneumatic mixed flow device makes the paint mist and the rotating liquid fully mixed, and the paint liquid can be separated under the action of centrifugal force. Inside the cyclone...

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Yiting Environmental Protection Intelligent technology Co. Ltd. is located in Dongguan, which is famous for “world factory”. Unique geographical advantages make Yiting environmental protection same level as the international and lead the industrial trend from the beginning ..

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